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Outline of the Astronomical Society of Japan

(update: 2020 August 19)


The Astronomical Society of Japan (ASJ) was founded on 1908 January 19, with its main aim to promote and advance astronomy. ASJ was also approved as an incorporated society by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.

Members and Membership Fees

The number of society members is about 3,300, which includes Full Members (including Student members), Associate Members, Cooperate Members, and Supportive Members. The annual membership fees are as follows:

Full Member 18,000 JPYen
Full (Student) Member 10,000 JPYen
Associate Member 8,000 JPYen
Cooperate Member 10,000 JPYen
Supportive Member 30,000 JPYen


I. Three Main Activities

1. Society Meetings

The society holds bi-annual society meetings in both the spring and autumn. Also, lectures for the public and a "Junior Session" (once a year) for high school students are held simultaneously.

2. Publishing a Scientific Journal

"Publications of Astronomical Society of Japan (PASJ)" is a journal publishing research papers on all aspects of astronomy, astrophysics, and fields closely related to them since 1949. PASJ has been published bimonthly in both paper and electronic editions.

3. Publishing Monthly News Letters

"Astronomical Herald" is a monthly newsletter including society news, introducing commentary on recent results, and other useful information since establishment of the society in 1908.

II. Activities Mainly for the Society Members

The ASJ offers award and grant opportunities for the society members. Details can be found at the "Awards and Grants" page.

III. Books Edited by ASJ

The ASJ distributes and sells books to members and the general public as resources for education and public outreach of astronomy. .


I. Board of Directors, Representative Assembly, and All-Hands Meeting

The board of directors, which holds meetings four times a year, manages practical business; a meeting of representatives that is held four times a year examines policies involving society management and finances. The processing of activities and practical business and finances is audited by superintendents beforehand, and it is necessary to obtain approval at the meeting of representatives. The meeting of representatives plays a role in approving policies involving management and finances, appointing officers, and decision-making involving other agendas. In addition, to inform the above decisions and information to the members, and to collect comments, a gathering of members (All-Hands Meeting) is held during the bi-annual meeting in both the spring and autumn.

II. Officers, Representatives, and Committees

  • Officers (Directors and Superintendents)[List of Officers]
    The board of directors consists of 17 officers and 2 superintendents: one president, two vice-presidents, two secretaries, two treasurers, one managing editor of the Astronomical Herald, one managing editor of PASJ, one director of society meetings, four directors of society meetings at the venue, one director of education, one director of public relations, one director of diversity, one director of junior session, and two superintendents. The term of service is two years, and they are appointed at the general assembly meeting of representatives.
  • Representatives [List of Representatives]
    A quorum of the representatives is 43. The term of service is 4 years, and half of the representatives are reelected every third year to avoid changing all members at the same time.
  • Committee Members and Advisors [List of Committee Members and Advisors]
    The members of the Election Committee are nominated by the Board of Directors from among the unelected delegates and subsequently approved by the meeting of representatives. The members of the Nomination Committee are elected at the meeting of representatives from the full members. The directors, superintendents and representatives cannot assume a role in the Nomination Committee. Other committee members are appointed by the president of the ASJ after the approval by the Board of Directors, and the outcome is reported to the meeting of representatives. The editorial advisor for the PASJ is appointed by the President.
    The terms of service are two years, and there are no rules against serving concurrently. Working groups are organized whenever necessary. The term of service for the working group has not been decided.

III. Assets of the Society

All financial reports, including a balance sheet and a summary of assets are published in the "Astronomical Herald" and can be found on the ASJ web site.

IV. Office of the Society

Nine staff members work to manage the society.