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Awards and Funds Program


The ASJ Award for the Discovery of New Objects/
The ASJ Award for the Independent Discovery of New Objects

Hayashi Chushiro Prize

The fund was established by a donation of prize money of the Kyoto Prize awarded for Dr. Chyshiro Hayashi (emeritus professor of Kyoto University). This prize is given to outstanding original pursuits related to astronomy (from 1996)

PASJ Excellent Paper Award

This award is presented annually to author (s) of the most outstanding paper(s) appearing in Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan (PASJ). Each recipient of the PASJ Paper Prize receives a certificate at the Spring Meeting of ASJ. All papers published in PASJ during the past 5 years are eligible for consideration.

ASJ Young Astronomer Award

This award was established by donations from many society members in 1988. It is given annually to at most three young researchers, under 35 years of age, who have made significant accomplishments in astronomy.

The ASJ Award for the Outstanding Achievement by Amateur

This award is given to an observer who has contributed to promote and advance Astronomy by contributory observation and other astronomical activities (since 2001).

Japan Astronomical Heritage

The Astronomical Society of Japan designates sites, materials, and documents of historical significance in Japan from the perspective of astronomy as the Japan Astronomical Heritage. The first of the three categories is historic sites and buildings, including observational facilities. The second is historically significant materials, including an object involved in an important astronomical discovery. Observational instruments and measuring instruments are also in this category. The last category is literature, such as astronomy-related documents of historical significance.

The ASJ Award for Education and Public Outreach in Astronomy

This award was established to praise and encourage educational and public outreach activities in astronomy. Eligible applicants include individuals and organizations based in Japan (including non-members) who have conducted the activities in Japan, abroad, or both, as well as individuals and organizations from abroad who have conducted the activities in Japan. Any full or associate member of the Society may nominate a candidate for the award to the nomination committee.

Support Fund for Domestic Training Programs in Astronomy

This support fund was originally established as an "Otsuka scholarship", funded by a contribution by Dr. Kanji Otsuka in 1961; the scholarship was renamed the Naichi-Ryugaku Scholarship after additional funda-raising by GOTO Inc. and Mr. Akisato Sato in 1979; the scholarship was renamed the Support Fund for Domestic Training Programs in Astronomy from 2019. The fund is for financially supporting amateur astronomers to study Astronomy or some related field at a domestic institution for a short period.

Hayakawa Satio Fund

This fund was established by a donation of 7.5 million yen from a bereaved family, based on a wish of the former president, Dr. Hayakawa. The purpose of this fund is to provide partial financial support for overseas travel expenses for young scientists (under 35) to have meaningful experience aboard, such as: give a talk at an international meeting, research activity necessary for developing one's astronomical study, or other purposes listed in the fund¡Çs rule. Applications are accepted four times per year, and the deadlines are the 10th of March, June, September, and December every year.

Gakujyutu-Koryuhi Fund

The annual fees from the Supporting Members are a source of funds to provide a subsidy for traveling expenses of Student Members who have registered to speak at general meetings. About 60 students receive support annually.